Hello, I'll tell you about us and our kennel INCREDIBLE DOG.

I (my name is Sergei) and my wife Marina live at Minsk city (Belarus), and a significant part of our life we spend at the countryside. It is about 100 km. from Minsk, fields and woods spread around this place with a wimple small river.

Our kennel INCREDIBLE DOG is registered in the International Canine Organization (FCI) and Belarusian Cynological Union (BCU), and we are members of the club Cynological Public Association (CCW).

Our first white shepherd Kira Kortes had came to us at 2012. As It happened that we have taken birth from her mother Karo (Baltic Beauty Dreams Come True), she is on a visit to us every summer with her owners.

Seeing Kira, we realized that this is our dog. It was not the beginning of the love for dogs, since that time, we had a dog, and we had enough experience, but it was the beginning of love for the breed White Swiss Shepherd.

And now we devote our time to the care and breeding of these wonderful dogs, their education and training, exhibitions and competitions and of course we are enjoying communicating with them.

The desire to provide proper care and competent breeding has led me to the school of dog handlers and breeders that I have successfully completed and I want to thank my mentors for the knowledge.

Our dogs live with us in the house and apartment, from their puppyhood they have been in contact with humans and the environment. We devote a lot of time for dogs trainings, their physical and mental developmental. After all, when you look into those eyes you could not stumble at they are reasonable.

We are members of the following organizations and associations