Selecting a pair, we consider:

• their overall physical development and health, the results of the tests for hip dysplasia and elbow joints, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Multi-Drug Resistance (MDR) and other;

• anatomy and phenotypic similarity of a pair;

• of course, we give weight to the state of the nervous system and psyche;

All this allows to consolidate the desired traits that we want to see in dogs of our breeding. Hence we infer that our puppies can inherit all the best from their parents: excellent anatomy and good psyche. An all these will allow their owners to enjoy socializing with your four-legged friend and to enjoy youers hobbies, whether it be sports or show, or just the active time with your dog.

We do our best to to be the case and we hope that owners of puppies of our breeding will do all things needed to ensure that their four-legged friend grew up healthy and happy dog.

Sergey and Marina.